Friday, January 22, 2010

Moo Card Arrival & New Shop Listings

My Moo cards came yesterday, and I'm so impressed! They look neat and very professional - nice, thick card stock and the text is sharp and clean. Most of the pictures out of the ten I chose look great, although there is more bluriness than I'd like on a couple. I'll have to do some comparing between the cards and the listing images I used, but I'm sure the problem is in my images, not their reproduction of them. I may be able to completely remedy the problem by just uploading my own resized images for them to use rather than having to worry about creating images that will look good both on Etsy's site and the printed cards. Time for more experimentation - I love it! Anyway, I highly recommend trying out the Moo sample pack - 10 free cards, they even pay shipping. It's absolutely worth the few minutes of designing time you'll spend using the wizard on their site.

Speaking of images, I submitted another photo to Craftgawker the day before yesterday. This time they got back to me the next day with my rejection. This may be a sign of progress! Or they're just not as busy right now. Either way, the response was the same - not sharp enough [they say dull/unsharp]. I purposefully sent in a super-sharpened image this time, and it was one I didn't expect them to accept. I know my pictures could be much better in general, but I'm kind of looking at this as maybe I just have to pay my dues and submit several before I can even be considered for acceptance. It's what I tell myself so I don't feel bad. :)  I'm wondering now if this is their standard rejection response. Anyone else had experience with them?

I made a pair of earrings last night to go with one of my necklaces. My mood was a bit off yesterday, a little feeling of maybe a slight depression coming on. I couldn't figure it out, since I've been keeping up with my medication and the myriad of other lifestyle practices I've found to be helpful [walking, eating right, working out, vitamins, etc.]. Finally, I realized I hadn't created anything all day. So I chose some of my favorite materials - fine Thai Karen Hill Tribe silver from Shiana, iolite and dumortierite [I'm partial to blues and greys] and made earrings to go with my recently renewed iolite and dumortierite Hill Tribe silver necklace. I'm very happy with the way they came out, and it cheered me up to have just been productive. I think they'll make a nice set if someone decides to purchase them as such.

Dumortierite and Iolite Fine Hill Tribe Flower Set


 A reminder that any set in my shop qualifies for my "Buy 1 Necklace, Get 1 Pair of Earrings at 1/2 Price" deal.

Last, but far from least, my hamster Gusta [short for Augusta] is not doing well at all. She's very old and sick, so I don't expect her to be around much longer. She's one of my rescues, from people who gave her no attention beyond throwing some food and water her way. She bites, which I hear isn't uncommon for hamsters, and for whatever reason they didn't bother to dedicate any time toward trying to socialize her, so she just sat alone in her cage. With a lot of attention, I was able to get her to the point where she only nips a little and only when she's ready to go back into her cage. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of another rodent to care for, especially not a bitey one, but I've grown quite fond of her and her grumpy ways. Any animal lovers who may read this, I'd be grateful for some positive thoughts for Gusta that she'll remain comfortable while she's still with me.


kwkmjk said...

Good Morning !
So sorry 'bout Gusta...Thankfully her life with you has been so much better, and longer, than it would have been. If it is her time to leave us, hope she simply drifts off with happy thoughts of you.

Love the set, great work, as usual.

And know my feelings on CraftG******s.....keep trying.

Having lunch today with S at interested?

KSK said...

Oh look, an OpenID thingy! She may be thinking about food, she's a little piggy like Helen! At least she still has her appetite. Crêpes sound yummy, thank you. I'll have to see - will call before you leave. :)

kwkmjk said...

okey dokey

Anonymous said...

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