Friday, January 1, 2010

Making a Light Box

I just found my way over to the Etsy SASsy Team's Sellers Assisting Sellers Blog, and discovered they have a simple tutorial on how to make your own light box. After a disappointingly and decidedly unhelpful visit to my local photo shop looking for some assistance with taking pics, this is a great tutorial to come across.

Normally I wouldn't go to a store and ask for help like that [social anxiety anyone?], but this was a classic small town mom-and-pop type shop previously known to be run by experts who were always happy to help their customers. Not so when I went with my mom. The girl we spoke with could barely bother to explain to me what a light box even was, let alone assist me if I wanted to buy one, and forget any illusions I may have had about getting tips. I found out yesterday that the previous owner actually sold the store 4 years ago, so there you go.

My plan for the day is to try to give this homemade light box thing a shot. I have the cardboard box and the white paper, but I'll have to buy myself a couple of adjustable table lamps and 100-watt daylight light bulbs. According to the tutorial, the blue daylight light bulbs should give me more accurate colors than regular bulbs, which emit a yelllowish light. Makes sense. I'll report my findings, maybe even post pics if I get ambitious.

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