Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Light Box Update!

After getting a lamp and those new full-spectrum lightbulbs I was talking about, I finally got down to some picture-taking yesterday, and I'm thrilled with the results! The lamp I found is perfect - three bendable arms attached to one base, with angled hoods around the bulbs. This way I can light from the back and each of the sides without having three lamps and their respective cords to contend with. A tip: check Target if you have one near you - the lamp was $20 and already worth it. It only takes up to 40-watt bulbs, but with three it gives off plenty of light. So here's the before-and-after using my newest necklace [photos link to my listing]:

Better clarity and detail, and the new bulbs don't produce that annoying yellow reflection off the silver and background. I'm working on centering my pieces better so the reflection of the bulb itself isn't in my photos, but this is a huge step up! Light box experiment is officially over, and being considered a success! :)

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