Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gawking At Crafts

I'm happy to be teaming up with my friend Vee at Etsy in trying to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Like me, she'll be donating 20% of her sales to the organization for the remainder of January. She makes lovely jewelry, and is just an all-around sweetheart, so I'm glad we can work together to do our part.

Vee also reminded me recently of a site I found a while back - Craftgawker. It's basically an online lookbook of gorgeous handcrafted items. They accept submissions from all types of sites as long as it isn't merely a photo site. It's very easy to submit a picture for review, although you do need to register first, but why not?! If they accept your photo, they post it on their front page as a link to your site or listing, with a brief description which you provide when submitting.

Since the idea is for people to go to Craftgawker to ogle at all the pretty pictures, they are very particular about the photos they choose. I got brave yesterday and submitted my Swarovski earrings photo and listing information [see earlier post, Finally!]. I set up my preferences with them to email me when they make their decision, so now I'm waiting impatiently to hear. Will let you know how it goes, and if they don't accept it, I'll just keep trying!


Anonymous said...

New Moon, new beginnings! Good for you for submitting...and love the positive, sharing, "never give up" attitude. You are an Adirondacker from strong British stock to be sure.

Remember to turn your wallet today for added good fortune...

KSK said...

:) That I am, and so glad I'm managing to maintain the attitude. Uh oh, I have no wallet! I'll have to just bring my vast sums into the backyard for turning where no one will see and become envious. HA!

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