Saturday, January 23, 2010

Color of the Day - Amethyst

I've just added a new item to my shop, a necklace which I made last night using a beautiful [and large!] vintage plastic focal bead. I bought the bead from mksupplies on Etsy, and not only did it arrive quickly, but it's also in gorgeous condition. If you also make jewelry or buy beads for any other reason, I highly recommend them. It's easy to see why the shop has over 50,000 sales and a 100% positive rating. My photos don't do justice to this unique bead, but here's a photo link to my listing.

Double Strand Choker with Vintage Clear Focal

I'd also like to add one of my sold necklaces here, in keeping with the amethyst seed bead design of my most recent addition. This is one that sold from my eBay account, from which I'm in the process of making an inventory reduction or possibly phasing out completely. I made one of the same design for my Etsy shop because I had one more of the vintage focal beads left. Again, the photo links to my listing which as you can see, like many of them right now, is in dire need of better pictures!

Amethyst Czech and Vintage Glass Necklace


MK Beads said...

Gorgeous necklace! I love how the amethyst color looks with the silver/crystal of the focal bead. Thanks so much for the mention- we truly appreciate the kind words!

KSK said...

Oh, thank you as well for such a lovely compliment! And it's a pleasure to pass along a recommendation for such a beautiful and deserving shop!

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