Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful New Treasury & New Additions

My friend Vee has kindly included one of my necklaces in her newest treasury. Aside from her excellent eye for making beautiful treasuries, one of the thing that really impresses me is her dedication to helping out other sellers on Etsy. She makes what are called BNR, or Buy and Replace treasuries, which allow sellers the chance to get their items into a treasury by purchasing from an included seller. Once you buy, you replace the shop you bought from, and Vee includes you in her next treasury as well. She's gotten many sales for many shops this way, and I'm certain it's much appreciated! As always, all treasury and item photos link right to them:

I've also listed a couple of new items in my shop. The first is a necklace I made a while ago and have had mixed feelings about. The beads are beautiful - nice deep amethyst heishis, Bali daisies and clear Czech firepolish beads. I just haven't been sure if I like them all together, but now that the necklace has sat next to me for some time, it has actually grown on me. Also, it's doing no good to anyone just sitting there looking forlorn! The other item is a pair of earrings I made yesterday using the rest of the vintage rose Swarovski crystals I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I really like them, though I can't say the same for my photos of them.

 Amethyst Heishi & Clear Glass Color Block Necklace

Vintage Rose Swarovski Crystal Earrings

And in Craftgawker news... got my third rejection yesterday! Thought I'd go for a bit of a different kind of picture this time [thanks to my mom for the suggestion], so I dispensed with the white marble background and went with this one instead:

This time it was "Craft/Composition - Dull/Unsharp", or some such thing. They do, however, encourage me to keep submitting. At least this one wasn't a photo I was certain they'd take, and my attitude may have become a bit flippant, but at least I'm taking the rejection[S] well!

And because this is already long, and I love them so much:

L to R: Magda and Helen
[featuring their seriously ratty rat bed & my awesome maroon-ish shorts]


kwkmjk said...

Great post..and love the pictures of the "babies"

phooey on CraftG****** - not to wory, keep trying!

KSK said...

Good morning! And thank you! The babies have grown some, I think. Eris ate last night & I had to leave the room. I do love the things on CG, but thank you for your support! Maybe they'll just get sick of me & throw me a bone... :)

Vee* said...

The new necklace is diffrent, and it made me do a double take. I like it though. It is intresting and does go together. Plus, our eye and what WE love isn't always the same as what someone else will :) Phooey on CraftG too! Your mom is cute! lol. Hi mom!
You are too sweet hon! I like when you link me to your blog every so often, bc i have yet to get mine up. I know i know... I really should get on that. Especialy now that I have the time.
The rats are SOOOO cute!!!!!

KSK said...

It's just so stripey, which works for me everywhere else but necklaces I think. You're right though, and thank goodness we all don't have the same tastes! I was thinking that about you having a bit of time now - would be great to be able to pop on over to your blog. :) Thanks for your input & support, cheered me right up to see you here! Errand time...

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