Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Animal Planet Investigates...

Monday, January 25th at 10:00pm, Animal Planet will be airing a special program exposing dogfighting. My email from the Humane Society states, in part,

" "Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed" features never-seen footage from our high-profile dogfighting raids, as well as interviews with The HSUS' animal fighting experts. It also showcases our End Dogfighting program, which diverts inner-city youths from dogfighting and casts pit bulls in the image of friends, not fighters. While revealing the ugliness of dogfighting, the program shows the immense progress we've made against it and offers hope for saving dogs from this cruel fate."

I expect at times it will be a difficult program to watch, but one with a positive message as well. The HSUS has done so much work in this area, especially in the last year, and I've seen some very complimentary interviews with people who have been through their End Dogfighting program. It definitely sounds like this upcoming show is worth checking out if you can stand the difficult parts.

In jewelry-related news, my necklace was listed in the Etsy Hearts for Haiti shop yesterday. The shop has now made 474 sales and almost $5,000 for Doctors Without Borders!

Lastly, I recieved my response from Craftgawker yesterday in regards to my Swarovski Crystal Earrings in Sapphire Shades:

The verdict - not sharp enough. I know I said I'll keep trying, but I'm not even sure how I accomplished the sharpness of this picture, let alone how I could repeat or improve upon it! Ah well, maybe with more experimentation...


Anonymous said...

re Craftgawker - they are nuts !!!

Great post.

KSK said...

Thank you! There are whole threads on Etsy about how to figure out what CG wants - guess now I know why!

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