Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Morning Musings

Wow, two posts in one day! This blogging thing may end up working out for me, especially if I continue to find myself woken up at 2am by my cats and lacking the motivation to even make a pair of earrings.

I've been doing some thinking about the pictures for my Etsy shop, especially now that I've taken the plunge and purchased a showcase spot. I'll be featuring the festoon style necklace I recently made [pic links to Etsy listing]:

Actually, Etsy lets you choose and rank what necklaces you want featured. Even after reading a bit about showcasing your items, I'm still not sure if the rotation is something they just do or if it's only contingent upon a sale. I probably just didn't read closely or far enough. This is all quite a learning experience, and I'm still learning how to learn again!

Anyway, in general I know my pics need serious help! On the one hand, I'm much happier with them than I was before I dug out and dusted off my macro lens and re-learned how to set my white balance. On the other hand, I see a lot of beautiful photos by other sellers and know there is major room for improvement in regards to my own.

One thing I plan to do is find a more permanent spot to take my pictures so I can set up my little tripod and leave it so it's right there ready for me to pop my camera unto. The tripod should definitely help with the blurring I inevitably get so I don't have to take and subsequently reject as many pics. The other thing I want to do is get better at cropping my images to feature the most important elements of my items. That can be a bit difficult, because Etsy's editor does its own cropping, but it will just be a matter of understanding its ins and outs so I can make that work to my advantage.

Etsy's most recent e-mail had some great resources for sellers, one of which was a post entitled "How to Improve Your Photos". It's a pretty quick read but full of helpful tips and worth taking a look at if you're like me and still working on your images. It's only one of the many resources I'm discovering that Etsy offers to sellers. Really loving Etsy so far!

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